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Designing a Bike Room

Fun fact: the number of people commuting by bike is on the rise.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to attract new talent or a property developer seeking value-add amenities, chances are the uptick in bike commuters might have caught your eye.

Why Design a Bike Room?

Because all these bike commuters need places to park and store their bikes while at work, at home, and everywhere in between.

Bike room with many bicycles

One way to address this need is through a bike room; aka: a designated space that provides the necessary infrastructure to keep bikes safe, and their owners happy.

At Saris Infrastructure, infrastructure is our life force. Our team is here to ensure your bike-room-to-be will be suited for you and your cyclists. Whatever your needs may be, our experts will find a way to accommodate bikes in your project.

Storage Options for Bike Rooms

Vertical or two-tired. Floor or wall mounted. When it comes to bike storage choices, there are many to consider, benefits to weigh and room measurements to consult.

Below is a brief overview of the bike storage options we offer, their advantages and how our we can create a customized setup for your community of cyclists.

Vertical Storage Bike Racks

Because bikes are longer than they are tall, hanging the bikes vertically allows you to save on space. After all, more bike parking = happier commuters.

Vertical bike racks offer great flexibility as they can be mounted directly to a wall or on floor mounted frames. Staggered heights allow us to shrink the spacing between bikes while avoiding handlebar conflicts to further maximize the room available.

Bike room with vertical bike racks

Double-Decker Bike Racks

Two-tiered bike racks are a great way to double your bike capacity when your floor space is limited. We offer these in two styles: the Stretch and the Stack Rack.

The Stretch Rack will give you the highest density parking of any of our racks.

Bike with stretch racks

The Stack Rack also provides great high-density storage but adds the additional benefit of a lift assist to aid in loading bikes on the upper tier.

If you’re interested in the Stack Rack, our team will work with you to be sure that have adequate spacing above the racks and increased aisle space to accommodate lift assist racks as they pull out.

Bike room with stretch racks

Floor Mounted Bike Racks

You may be used to seeing floor mounted racks outdoors, in front of businesses or amenities. Yet foor mounted bike racks can find their niche in your bike room too.

These bike racks are great in areas with low ceiling heights or overhead obstruction. They can also more easily accommodate less traditional rides, such as cargo and fat bikes, which may not fit the other rack styles.

Mix It Up

And don’t be afraid to use a combination of racks in your room. This can help in using the space as efficiently as possible and assures every bike will have a spot it can park.

Bike room with various bike racks

The Bottom Line

With any configuration of bike storage in your bike room, it’s our goal to ensure bicyclists are able to move in and out of the space with ease. The best way to do this is to build your bike room with the recommended aisle spacing for whichever rack, or combination of racks, you’ve selected.

It’s our goal to help you and the cyclists you serve have a hassle-free experience, and to support you in building a bike room worth bragging about.

Bike room with various racks

Take It Up a Notch

Short- and long-term bike parking covers the bike room basics. To really wow and cater to bicyclists, many bike rooms are being outfitted with additional amenities.

Bike pumps placed alongside public bike work stands, outfitted with the most common tools for bike repair is a common theme.

Bike room with public work stand

Bike washing stations are available as well to clear of grime and grease or to hose off salt from winter riding.

Others go so far as to add a bike vending machine so riders can fix issues on the fly.

Bike room with vending machine

Additional bike infrastructure is just the beginning. For those seeking LEED credits or simply looking to best serve their community of cyclists, bike areas are outfitted with locker rooms, complete with lockers and showers.

Now that you have an idea of some of the options of what is possible for your bike room, our experts here at Saris Infrastructure can help you turn it into a reality. By relying on architectural drawings or room dimensions, our team can put together a layout to meet your goals of maximizing space or creating a feature-rich amenity for your cyclists.

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Bike room with various bike racks

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