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bike fixation bike rack

For their health and enjoyment, and because it’s environmentally friendly, more people are using bikes for transportation these days. In fact, the number of bike commuters has increased double digits in most cities over the last five years. Which makes adding a bike rack to your property a smart business decision.

Rents along New York City’s Times Square pedestrian and bicycle paths increased 71% in 2010, the greatest rise in the city.

Adding a bicycle lane on San Francisco’s Valencia Street resulted in a 60% increase in sales at local businesses.Providing better access to people who walk, take transit, and ride bicycles means encouraging more people to visit and shop on a street.

Own a retail location? Bike parking brings in more customers from around the neighborhood.

Workplace? Safe, convenient bike parking encourages your employees to improve their health by riding more.

Apartments or condos? Indoor bike parking attracts potential residents, especially in bike-friendly areas. It also saves space by better organizing bikes.

Studies show that customers who arrive by bike stop more frequently, and at the end of the week, spend more in retail shops.

bike fixation bike rack