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eCargo Bikes in Detail

eCargo bikes combine the traditional features of a cargo bike with the electric drive of the future. Thanks to the electric support of the powerful Cargo Line drive from Bosch, eCargo bikes are perfect for carrying heavy loads in the city and are a sensible alternative to a car or fleet vehicles.

The benefits of eCargo Bikes

  • With a permissible total weight of 550 pounds, eCargo bikes can transport large loads and are therefore an alternative to cars and municipal fleet vehicles.
  • Trips and work-related travel with eCargo bikes are sustainable - even in terms of C02-emissions.
  • At distances under 6 miles, eBikes are the fastest means of transport.
  • eCargo bikes are real problem solvers: they reduce traffic noise and parking space shortages.
Saris Infrastructure partnered with Bosch and Urban Arrow to launch the first pilot of eCargo bikes in North America.