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Wave Delineator


Bicycle lanes should feel safe and inviting, Wave Delineators accommodate this by quickly and easily creating protected bike lanes. Ideal for temporary pop-up bike lanes during day or week-long events or when communities want to pilot a location for a longer term protected bikeway. With their unique ‘Wave’ aesthetic they provide a much more visually appealing solution compared to the construction site visuals of the traffic cones or flex posts typically used in these applications.

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Product Features

  • Wave design provides unique aesthetic to create protected bike lanes as alternative to cones and flex posts.
  • Safe: chamfered edges, reflective decals, ADA compliant, optimized height for drivers and cyclists
  • Robust: thickness optimized for weight and deflection

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“The Wave Delineators were ideal for the day-long 2017 Philadelphia Free Streets protected bicycle lane demonstration project. The install and breakdown was less than 20 minutes and we had the public asking us all day when they were going to be seeing them around town. The materials were eye catching and gave a sense of separation without the time-consuming glue or drilling of typical temporary pilot materials.”

Jeannette Brugger, AICP
Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability (oTIS)

San Jose

"We used the Wave Delineator for a "pop-up" protected bike lane for one week in San José, California. Our bike lane featured five different devices to separate moving traffic from bicycles. In a survey of users, the Wave Delineators were mentioned frequently as aesthetically pleasing and highly visible…The success of the demonstration bike lane led to the permanent installation of a network of protected bike lanes in our downtown."

Peter Bennett | Bike and Pedestrian Program
Department of Transportation
City of San José


“…I’ve witnessed the Wave Delineator in action and even used it as the basis for research proposals in support of active transportation and enhancing access to bikeable public places, especially farmers markets. The work of Bike Fixation Wave Delineator enables people safer access to marketplaces, which enhances the health benefits of local foods as it supplies communities with easily deployable solution to safer streets for bicyclists.”

Alfonso Morales, PhD
Professor, Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture, State Extension Specialist - Food Systems and Marketplaces
University of Wisconsin - Madison


“The wave delineators were a visually-appealing separation method for the pop-up separated bike lane and pedestrian bulb-out demonstration we conducted. They definitely contributed a wow factor to the project, which was designed to draw in passersby to provide input on our proposed design.”

Alex Ellis
Dept. of Planning and Development
City of Providence, RI


We have been using Wave Delineators at our pop-up bike park events all year. They are a great portable device for directing bicycle and pedestrian traffic. At our Open Streets events we have used them to separate general event traffic from our pop-up bike course - and they've worked like a charm. They are easy to transport and move and they are highly configurable. Many of our events require the course to be manipulated as the event goes one and the delineators allow us to make on the fly changes very quickly.

The Wave Delineators grab people’s attention. Every time we have used them people ask what they are and what they are used for. They want to touch and feel them. People can't keep their hands off them. And they just look cool.

We wouldn't have been able to host our pop-up bike park events at Minneapolis Open Streets without the use of the Wave Delineators. The Open Streets events draw thousands of bikers, walkers, and skaters, but in order for our pop-up bike park to be effective and safe we needed to keep event traffic separated from our course traffic. The Wave Delineators allowed us to do that effortlessly and without disrupting event traffic.

Devin Olson
Co-Founder of Minneapolis Bike Parks

New Orleans

The Wave Delineators proved to be a valuable tool in our toolkit for demonstrating and evaluating temporary reconfiguration of streets to improve safety for biking. Easy setup and removal is a huge benefit for both large and small scale projects.

Dwight Norton
Urban Mobility Coordinator
City of New Orleans | Office of Resilience & Sustainability


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