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What is Infrastructure?

At Saris, the word infrastructure takes on multiple meanings. It means networks of protected and low-stress places for people who ride their bikes in communities across the globe. It means protection of the bike itself from theft and clutter. And probably most importantly, it means supporting the people and organizations dedicated to promoting the power of the bike to change lives.

To us, infrastructure is the framework by which people can participate in and experience the joy of riding a bike. For pleasure, exercise, getting to work or school, or just spending quality time and making memories with family and friends.

Who We Are

And that’s where we come in. Our Madison-based headquarters has been manufacturing cycling infrastructure since the 1970s, before Saris was Saris. When our founders, Sarah and Chris Fortune, bought Saris in 1989 Chris’ dad, Bob Fortune, took on the bicycle parking division. It was this work that gave breath to our passion for cycling advocacy, and we’ve been dedicated to making cycling safe, convenient and fun ever since.

From grassroots events like the Saris Gala (the largest single-night fundraiser for cycling advocacy) to national-level initiatives, such as Vision Zero, we’ve made a name for ourselves as unwavering ambassadors of safer, better, more enjoyable riding.

This commitment to cyclists radiates through the products that leave our doors. From creating safe spaces to ride with our Wave Delineators to safe and accessible commercial bike parking products, including lift-assist two-tier racks and secure bike docks, to products that make cycling easier and more enjoyable – the bicycle is at the heart of everything we dream, design and do.

Saris Parking + Bike Fixation = Saris Infrastructure

It’s through this dedication and shared fixation with the bike and its inherent power that we crossed paths with Minneapolis-based startup and manufacturer, Bike Fixtation. Their origins trace back to a late night with an unexpected flat, no spare and no options to quickly buy one. A light went off for co-founders Chad DeBaker and Alex Anderson. What if there was a vending machine open 24/7, stocked with bike-related items along with a self-service repair station for emergencies such as this? They got to work and soon found themselves with a manufacturing facility of their own in south Minneapolis crafting cycling-centric infrastructure for communities across the globe.

This practical approach to a real-world problem caught the eye of the Saris team in Madison. Knitted together by a commitment to the bike, as well as quality and thoughtful design, Bike Fixtation joined the Saris family in 2016. This partnership allowed Bike Fixation to become a one-stop-shop for everything one would need to implement and support bicycle infrastructure.

And now the entirety of both product lines and innovative new bike infrastructure can be found under the Saris Infrastructure name, because as much as the word “Infrastructure” is about building supportive structures to enhance something, for us it’s also about tearing down barriers. It’s about finding solutions to the obstacles that limit and deter communities from being bicycle friendly and ultimately prevent them from capturing the awesome power of the bicycle to inspire and change lives.
We hope you’ll join us in this mission.

Our products evolved with the bicycling movement. They started in the 1980s as very simple bent metal racks and expanded into sophisticated, intuitively-designed, secure storage systems worthy of patents and placements in commercial and residential locations across the globe.

  • 1989: Sara and Chris Fortune purchase Graber Products and continue in manufacturing bicycle parking racks in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • 1994: First US patent for full security bike rack.
  • 2006: First US patent for two-tiered lift assist bike rack.
  • 2010: Bike Fixtation was founded by Chad DeBaker and Alex Anderson.
  • 2011: First two Bike Fixtation self-service kiosks were installed in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • 2013: Saris Parking became one of Bike Fixtation’s first distributors.
  • 2014: US patent issue for The Hub commuter tracker.
  • 2016: Bike Fixtation joins Saris and becomes Bike Fixation.
  • 2017: US provisional patent for temporary bike lane barrier issued for the Wave Delineator.
  • 2019: Bike Fixation and Saris Parking share one name – Saris Infrastructure.

We are committed to the mission of positively impacting lives through the bike through our Saris Infrastructure product line:

  • Creating Safe spaces to ride with our Wave Delineators.
  • Safe and accessible commercial bike parking products from lift-assist two-tier racks, to simple and cost-effective bike docks.
  • And products that make cycling easier and more enjoyable like our Bicycle Access Ramp and public bike repair stands and pumps.

We Proudly Support

Around here, we refer to our advocacy efforts as our “work away from work”. The more time we spend riding bikes, the more convinced we become that bicycles are a means to cultivating healthier, more vibrant communities. That’s why we commit substantial resources toward advocacy, working closely with others to create safe spaces for people to ride locally, regionally and nationally. These are a few of the national organizations we stand behind.

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