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Bike Docks

Campus Beautification 101

Convenient, efficient and inexpensive, pedal power rules the road at most university campuses. Bikes are so popular with students and faculty, in fact, they sometimes appear to dominate the landscape.

For those who prefer not to see bikes chained to trees, signposts, lawn furniture and even slower-moving students around campus, Saris offers a variety of cost-effective solutions.

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Saris offers secure, space-saving bike racks for indoor locations such as campus dorms, apartment buildings or garages. Because they provide protection against the elements, indoor racks are typically used for longer-term parking – from a day to a week or more.


Outdoor racks provide an economic solution for locations where people park their bikes for a few hours or less, such as outside classroom buildings or student centers. Determining where to add an outdoor rack is easy. Just look for the spots on the campus where bikes are chained to trees and posts.


College campuses are notorious for limited parking supply and too much demand – faculty, staff and the occasional student vying for the same car parking stalls. Encouraging alternative transportation is a common solution and innovative programs like The Hub, which provides the hardware and software needed to implement a commuter incentive program, can provide a pivotal piece of solving the parking issues.