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Made in the USA

For many of our competitors, quality-controlling the manufacture and assembly of their products requires an overseas flight. At Saris, we just open the back door. All Saris parking racks are assembled under our watchful eye right here in Madison, Wisconsin.

The factory is attached to the rear of our corporate offices. And, over 80% of our materials come from within 120 miles of our facility. This helps use make modifications that fit your needs, and it’s the green way to do our business. This matters in our field, and we care about the details of how it gets in and out to you.

Green bike rack

Our Green Commitment

We use state of the art manufacturing equipment and processes, creating racks to help your building support more energy efficient transportation. Our racks contain an average of 20 to 25 percent recycled content, click here to view the Recycled Content Certificate for our products. Installing our bike racks can help you qualify for LEED credits. Since our manufacturing and engineering is done in house, we have the ability to innovate for easy-to-use products with short lead-times.

As we look into the future, we design products that support sustainability making sure that our communities stay healthy for generations to come.


Here at Saris Infrastructure, we believe that our actions speak much louder than our words. So our green commitment comes through in all we do as a company.

We consider the bicycle a serious form of transportation. We strive to make commuting by bicycle accessible, to encourage more people to ride more often.